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Restoration Courses

Experience the rewarding pleasure that comes from bringing a period piece of furniture back to life. In these classes you can learn all the necessary techniques skills and methods involved in restoring Antique Furniture. Buy the end of the classes students have achieve a finished result they can be proud of. 

Learning Furniture restoration is accessibly to all people who are willing and interested, weather you are a novice or have existing experience. Students are encouraged to bring in a small manageable period piece that needs restoration. Frank works closely with students demonstrating a variety of techniques enabling students to successfully engage with the restoration process.

Frank has many years experience in the field of Antique Furniture restoration and encourages an approach to restoration based in a conservation ethic. Conservation focuses on preservation rather than a radical make over. This involves respecting and retaining originals materials techniques and finishes.

Frank has a genuine passion and commitment To Antique Furniture Restoration and is always generous with his knowledge.

Class Costs

Eight week block :  $660.00 inclussive of gst

Six week block    :  $510.00 inclussive of gst

Four week block  :  $360.00 inclussive of gst

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Frank van Brunschot Fine Furniture offers excellent Antique Furniture restoration services as well as custom made and designed furniture. Phone or email Frank for further course details and other inquires.



His knowledge and skills are a valuable resource

“Frank’s class were a great learning experience and a rewarding experience. His knowledge and skills are a valuable resource. I certainly recommend the classes.”  

Norelle, Brisbane



Learn how to repair and rebuild joinery

Frank will show people how to use traditional adhesives to glue up joints and to patch and repair veneer



Anyone can learn to use shellac

a natural product which can be used simply (shellac and wax finish) or can be built up into a highly sophisticated full bodied French polished finish. 



Learn how to handle and tune hand tools. 

Planes and chisels are a pleasure to you when sharp and well set and can achieve an excellent level of finish and accuracy.


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