Bespoke furniture commissions

Quality furniture is the synthesis of three elements, good design, expert craftsmanship and quality materials.


This Queensland Hoop pine dining table was designed and made for clients that were moving from there family home into a retirement apartment. The old growth Hoop pine was from their family property and had been knocked down in a storm. The style gradually evolved through extensive discussions. Many small drawings were done exploring different options. Finally a full size technical drawing was done and the making process could began.


Hand crafted joinery

Frank is a qualified cabinetmaker with over 20 years experience making high quality timber furniture. Timber is a unique and beautiful material with inherent strengths and weaknesses. Frank has an in depth understanding  of traditional joinery techniques and it's aplication across different styles and designs.



Timber is a unique and fully sustainable material when used responsibly. Commissioning a piece of hand made furniture is an excellent alternative to the mass produced high volume low quality disposable furniture that floods the market. Frank only uses select grade cabinet timber sourced from developed countries with a track record of sustainable forest management.